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Word comes from Slashdot that that terrible, horrible excuse for a software firm Gator is on the business end of a lawsuit filed by several publishing companies that describes Gator’s advertising disease-ware as “a parasite that free rides on the hard work and investment” of the publishers” according to this Washington Post story.

I for one won’t be sad to see Gator fade into the historical footnote it deserves to be. I once was fooled into installing it and was creeped out by the little eyes that would occasionally pop up in the lower right corner of my screen. Even after deleting all the elements of the Gator software I could find, it wouldn’t let go, and remained somewhere in some secret Windows NT start-up menu where I couldn’t reach, reminding me that it was there every time I started up. I finally deleted everything on the machine and installed Windows 2000. So far I have managed to remain blessedly Gator-free, and intend to stay that way.

Written by ahess247

June 27th, 2002 at 3:12 pm

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