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California Dreamin’

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Here’s the view from the hotel room at the Desert Springs Resort in Palm Desert, Calif. The weather, temperatures in the 70s, certainly compares favorably with that of New York today though it should be noted that New York’s winter, thus far has been relatively balmy and notable for it shirt-sleeved temperatures well into January.

Arrived in Palm Desert Sunday after a weekend in Los Angeles, my first trip to that other cultural capital of the world, and I have to say I like LA, especially Beverly Hills. Having had two breakfasts there, I can honestly say I think that Nate’n Al is the very best diner/coffee shop/deli in all America and nothing less than a national treasure. Never mind Spago, or Trader Vic’s, if you haven’t eaten at Nate’n Al, you haven’t eaten in Beverly Hills. End of story.

Also visited Mann’s Chinese Theater (originally Grauman’s) in Hollywood, and snapped this detail of Leonard Nimoy’s hand print with my phone.

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January 29th, 2007 at 9:24 pm

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