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A Fourth Host

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Not that anyone other than myself would care to count, but this domain has just moved to its fourth Web host. The whois database tells me that it was nearly a decade ago that I first registered this domain name. At the time I hosted it with Earthlink, which was about as good at Web hosting as a fork is for scooping dry oatmeal. So I moved it to in mid-2004, which turned out to be highly complicated, and for some reason unable to support Blogger, which was what I wanted to use to manage the home page. Later that year I found Websitesource, which has lately had some serious stability issues, and no fewer than three recent failures of its DNS servers, and which turned out not to be terribly friendly to WordPress, which is my current site management system. So as of today this site is hosted with Mediatemple, which has come highly reccommended. We’ll see. As recounted by thousands on Twitter today, the site crashed for a good half hour just as I was getting things underway. I’ll do my best to hope that is not a bad omen. It does however seem to be far more competent a host for all things pertaining to WordPress. I was able to upgrade the installation to the latest version easily, which had been a problem at Websitesource. As they say, so far, so good.

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February 16th, 2009 at 12:20 pm

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