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My Weird Debate on Guns with the Characters of “Mad Men”

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You know what I think about guns in this country and you know I have no problem sharing those views from this tiny little soap box once in awhile. For some reason I caught the attention of the Twitter accounts belonging to some serious fans of the TV series Mad Men. In the end it was of no clear point — debating gun policy in this country rarely is. But it was a fun way pass a Sunday morning…..

It all started when I tweeted this:

“Roger Sterling” took exception, using language that was obviously acceptable for the period in which the character exists:

Since I’m familiar with the series, I decided to engage:

At which point “Don Draper” joined in.

At which point “Pete Campbell” joined in:

At this I decided to escalate the conversation further:

If you’re not familiar with the series, then it’s important to know that Ken Cosgrove is the character who gets infamously shot in the face by a General Motors executive during a weekend hunting trip in rural Michigan while trying to win an advertising deal. He wears an eyepatch for the remainder of the series. He also grows to loathe Pete Campbell and eventually leaves the agency.

Roger was incensed at the very mention of Ken’s name.

Written by ahess247

June 22nd, 2015 at 9:56 am