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Personal blogs don’t really stand the test of time, including this one.

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I just took down a bunch of really old posts, some dating back as far as 2004. The reasons are numerous. Embeddable media like videos or photos had ceased working, a phenomenon known as link rot, or maybe media rot. Additionally many of things I wrote were what we’d now call a “hot take” that are now common on Facebook and Twitter, and to say they haven’t aged well is way too polite.

This has caused me to start to reconsider what purpose this site serves. I may take it down entirely or reduce its digital footprint to a de minimis state.

I like the idea of a personal blog where I can sound of off on the things I care about, but I now have more than a decade’s worth of evidence that I lack the time needed to do it right. And further, during the recent moments when I’ve felt motivated to sit down and write, the time commitment quickly becomes onerous in light of other personal and professional commitments that rightly demand more attention. Plus social media more or less serves the purpose for personal updates, occasional arguments about events in the news, and so on.

There are other things on this site that have value, but that value is primarily for me and me alone.

There is, for example, the archive of my published work dating back to the late 1990s. But the only one who really sees any value to it is me. It’s also never been completed to my satisfaction. And like the blog posts, it suffers from inherent link rot as various publications I’ve worked for have killed or moved their own archival content (Bloomberg, I’m looking at you.) or ceased publication (Electronic News, RIP). Keeping it in working condition is a task worthy of Sisyphus. And frankly that’s not something I need or want. It’d be easier to gather up PDF copies of the handful really important things I’ve written and dump them into a folder on Dropbox.

Then there’s this About page, which includes a contact form. I do occasionally hear from people who use it. It may be re-jiggered in some way and become the primary face of this site.

I’ll be thinking about this in the coming days and probably doing something about it too.

Written by ahess247

July 17th, 2017 at 10:13 am