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Intel Speeds Up, Boosts Efficiency
Faster chips made on bigger silicon wafers may help Intel control costs and boost profits. read »

Mar 28, 2002
A Quickie Home Theater
Thomson seeks to prove that home theaters can be both easy to set up and small. read »

Mar 27, 2002
Thales Navigates To The Palm
Another GPS add-on for Palm handhelds is coming soon. read »

Mar 26, 2002
A Fuel Cell For Laptops
Batteries on laptop computers never last long enough. Casio’s fuel cell may solve that problem. read »

Mar 25, 2002
Build The Best Home Theater
Movies are great. Movie theaters aren’t. Watching at home is getting better all the time. read »

Mar 22, 2002
True Remote Control
Have too many remotes? The Philips Pronto Pro can cut the number down to one. read »

Mar 21, 2002
Summer Flicks
As the summer’s Hollywood blockbusters near release, marketing tie-ins and related merchandise abound. read »

Mar 19, 2002
Delivering The Digital Movie
Satellites and DVDs will play a role in getting that film to a screen near you. read »

Mar 18, 2002
Attack Of The Digital Movie
George Lucas is pushing Hollywood his way again, by releasing a digital version of his latest Star Wars. read »

Mar 18, 2002
Digital Camera Updates Continue
Manufacturers are hoping the summer looks bright for digital camera sales. read »

Mar 15, 2002
A Lens That Twists And Turns
Nikon’s latest Coolpix digital camera has a lens that swivels. read »

Mar 13, 2002
Sony’s Novel Palm Device
Palm OS handhelds are starting to get some new shapes. read »

Mar 12, 2002
Is E-File Efficient?
The IRS loves electronic tax returns. As for the benefits, the results are mixed. read »

Mar 12, 2002
Angling For Federal Business
The computer security industry was supposed to hit a growth spurt after Sept. 11. It happened, sort of. read »

Mar 11, 2002
A Bright New Palm
Review: Palm’s m515 reminds us that not all PDAs have to be wireless. read »

Mar 08, 2002
Sony Ericsson Builds A Buzz
Last year Ericsson was the hard-luck case of mobile phones. Then it teamed up with Sony. read »

Mar 07, 2002
Time To Go Back To Libya
Libya’s oil business is warming up, but U.S. companies are out in the cold. read »

Mar 07, 2002
Intel Beefs Up Laptops
By shrinking the circuits, Intel’s top-shelf processor can now run in a notebook. read »

Mar 05, 2002
Blackberry Gets Chatty
Loved for its e-mail capability, the Blackberry now does voice. read »

Mar 04, 2002
A Wristful Of Dollars
Paying for gas and lunch with a wristwatch isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. read »

Mar 01, 2002
Dropoffs: Billionaires No More
Eighty-three of last year’s billionaires must now content themselves with mere centi-millionaire status. read »

Feb 28, 2002
Dropoffs: Billionaires No More
Eighty-three of last year’s billionaires must now content themselves with mere centi-millionaire status.

Feb 28, 2002
Multiplying Megapixels
Digital cameras keep getting better, and the pros are taking notice. read »

Feb 28, 2002
A Battery That Dies Slowly
Digital cameras consume battery power like a three-year-old drinks apple juice. Better ones are coming. read »

Feb 27, 2002
Digital Music On The Road
You’ve downloaded tunes to your PC and put them on your portable player. Now take them for a spin. read »

Feb 26, 2002
Best Digital Music Gear
For those who love their MP3s, these products will make them even more lovable. read »

Feb 25, 2002
Say Hello To Asimo
How soon will there be a robot in every household? Sooner than you think, Honda hopes. read »

Feb 21, 2002
A Dose Of Notebook Security
IBM is piecing together several features to transform its notebooks into portable data vaults. read »

Feb 20, 2002
Nokia Has Fashion Sense
The best-looking phones rarely work on the most widely used wireless technology in the U.S. That’s changing. read »

Feb 19, 2002
Intel-Texas Instruments Battle Heats Up
Texas Instruments and Intel announce plans to supply chips to makers of new mobile phone-PDA combo devices. read »

Feb 19, 2002
Two GPS Units In One
Review: Garmin’s GPS V fits right on the dashboard, but is small enough for hiking. read »

Feb 15, 2002
White Boards Get Wired
White board notes are only useful to those who can see them. read »

Feb 14, 2002
Intel’s New Rival: Texas Instruments
Intel launches its mobile phone chip offensive. Not so fast, says Texas Instruments. read »

Feb 13, 2002
Cool Gear For Cold Weather
From jackets to skis to watches, five gifts that will make your time in the mountains more fun. read »

Feb 12, 2002
Hasbro’s Too Real Cats
A plush toy that looks, moves and sounds like a real cat. Cute–or creepy? read »

Feb 12, 2002
Saving Space Around The Crowded TV
With so many new components to connect to the television set, shelf space is at a premium. read »

Feb 11, 2002
Companies Trying To Profit With DVDs
Digital versatile discs are the biggest thing to happen to consumer electronics in years. read »

Feb 11, 2002
A Lightweight PDA Keyboard
The Q-Pad is a personal digital assistant keyboard integrated into a leather carrying case. read »

Feb 08, 2002
PocketPC’s Latest Looker
Once again, Europe trumps the U.S. with a cool handheld. read »

Feb 07, 2002
Video: The Next Digital Craze
Digital video cameras may not be as hot as digital still cameras, but as prices come down, that should change. read »

Feb 05, 2002
Toshiba’s Flatter Laptop
It may be thin, but Toshiba’s Portege 2000 certainly isn’t weak. read »

Feb 04, 2002
Megapixel Madness
Digital photography is threatening conventional film photography, because the images keep getting better. read »

Feb 01, 2002
Galvin’s Semiconductor Slump
Motorola’s chief needs to deliver on his promise to return the company to profitability this year. read »

Jan 31, 2002
Apple Finally Goes Gigahertz
In an uncharacteristically quiet announcement, Apple uses “gigahertz” in describing one of its computers. read »

Jan 31, 2002
A Mobile Phone For The Superrich
What one says while talking on a $20,000 mobile phone isn’t nearly as important as what others say about it. read »

Jan 29, 2002
Palm Retries Wireless
Its new i705 handheld PDA, with improved wireless connection, hits the streets. read »

Jan 28, 2002
A Mixed Bag For Chip Foundries
Earnings expectations from four chip foundry firms suggest a semiconductor turnaround is under way, but just barely. read »

Jan 24, 2002
The Internet, In Stereo
Streaming Internet audio continues to migrate ever so steadily away from the PC and into the stereo system. read »

Jan 23, 2002
Handheld Head-To-Head
Handspring’s Treo Communicator looks a lot like Research In Motion’s Blackberry. We’ve tested both. read »

Jan 18, 2002
Panasonic Gets Minuscule
For such small devices, Panasonic certainly made a big noise at a recent trade show. read »

Jan 17, 2002
Pressures On Palm
There are lots of Palm OS devices hitting the market. The ones with the most buzz aren’t coming from Palm. read »

Jan 16, 2002
Turning The Corner
With Intel and AMD reporting, it looks like the worst may be over for the chips sector. read »

Jan 16, 2002
Samsung’s Next Handheld
Samsung gives Pocket PC fans something to look forward to: a wireless handheld that does CDMA. read »

Jan 15, 2002
Wireless Gets Danger-ous
Danger looms in the search for the ultimate wireless communications device. Danger Inc., that is. read »

Jan 14, 2002
The Next Digital TV Recorders
Recording TV shows to a hard drive on a set-top box has changed TV. Get ready for the boxes to do more. read »

Jan 10, 2002
A CES Stunner
Few products at the Consumer Electronics Show are so original they’d knock anyone over. This one will. read »

Jan 09, 2002
A Rio With More Room
SonicBlue’s latest Rio MP3 player has enough space for a good-sized CD collection. read »

Jan 09, 2002
GPS technology is finding its way into lots of other devices. read »

Jan 08, 2002
Microsoft Presses Its Home Efforts
Gates aims to ride Windows to the conquest of the living room. read »

Jan 08, 2002
Jobs Plays Up The Hype
With the Apple PR machine primed for next week’s releases, product rumors swirl, and Steve Jobs joins in. read »

Jan 04, 2002
Chips Ahoy 2002
Intel is shrinking its chips and boosting their performance speed. They’ll get faster if things keep cool. read »

Jan 04, 2002
Crank Calling
Mobile phone batteries never seem to last long enough. Motorola has a low-tech fix. read »

Jan 03, 2002

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