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The Next Blackberry
Research In Motion outlines plans for upcoming revisions to its handheld wireless devices. read »

Jun 28, 2002
A Palm That Isn’t A Handheld
It’s too big to fit in a hand, but this laptop takes inspiration from the world of handheld computing. read »

Jun 25, 2002
A PDA Phone With A History
The latest mobile phone to include a Palm device takes a new approach. It actually looks like a phone. read »

Jun 24, 2002
Silicon Subpoenas
Memory chip prices have hardly been lucrative. Now the U.S. seems to be asking why they’re not lower. read »

Jun 19, 2002
Pint-Sized Notebook Power
Computing performance is great on a notebook, but inconsequential if the battery doesn’t last. read »

Jun 18, 2002
Wireless From Day One
Toshiba’s latest Pocket PC does wireless networking out of the box. read »

Jun 17, 2002
The Next Lightbulb
Edison’s incandescent lamp hasn’t evolved much in the last 123 years. A chip company aims to change that. read »

Jun 17, 2002
A Hands-On Display
Screens that accept input from a pen are getting bigger. read »

Jun 11, 2002
EarthLink Hunts Customers
Its dial-up business isn’t growing, so it’s buying customers wherever they can be found, including PeoplePC. read »

Jun 10, 2002
Palm’s Much-Needed Upgrade
Palm delivers the latest operating system. With luck, that means cool new handhelds aren’t far behind. read »

Jun 10, 2002
Canon Courts Beginners
A lot of digital cameras will be available for beginners this summer, including the PowerShot A200. read »

Jun 07, 2002
Apple’s EMac Flip-Flop
First it was only for school. Now everyone can buy one. read »

Jun 05, 2002
Turn A Table Into A Speaker
Put any handy flat surface to work at your next party. Make it a stereo speaker. read »

Jun 04, 2002
Wireless Evolution
After 25 years of commercial use, we take a walk down the memory lane of cellular phones. read »

Jun 03, 2002
Capturing Images, Catching Eyes
Picking a digital camera isn’t always about image quality. It’s also a fashion show. read »

Jun 03, 2002
HP, Transmeta Team Up On Tablet PCs
The tablet PC craze is coming soon, and Hewlett-Packard will be among the first out of the gate. read »

Jun 03, 2002
Wireless Evolution
May 31, 2002
Have A Coke And A Tune
SonicBlue does a deal to sell Coke-branded MP3-capable CD players. read »

May 30, 2002
Avaya’s Downfield Play
By building a huge data and voice network for the World Cup, Avaya is seeking some global exposure. read »

May 29, 2002
A Keyboard For All Seasons
Buying PDA keyboards used to be tricky. Now there’s one that works with most popular models. read »

May 29, 2002
Wireless Isn’t Everything In A PDA
PDAs that double as mobile phones are great, but there’s still life in handhelds that don’t. read »

May 28, 2002
Is 7.0 Netscape’s Lucky Number?
The once-ubiquitous Web browser is still kicking–and offering a solid alternative to Microsoft’s Explorer. read »

May 24, 2002
Burn On The Run
External CD burners are getting smaller all the time. read »

May 23, 2002
Home Sweet Home Network
Building a home network may be easy, but the equipment often needed to do it is ugly. That’s changing. read »

May 22, 2002
Apple Gooses IBook Speeds
The latest updates to Apple’s notebook lines begs the question: What does Steve Jobs have up his sleeve now? read »

May 21, 2002
A Flashlight That Goes On Forever
Batteries die, invariably when they’re most needed. This flashlight won’t. read »

May 17, 2002
Piracy Of The Clones
Did your computer help Star Wars show up on the Internet days ahead of the movie’s theatrical release? read »

May 16, 2002
Videogames Go Retro
Miss those old Atari games from the early 1980s? They’re coming back in a small, easy-to-play package. read »

May 16, 2002
Twenty-Five Years Of Star Wars Mania
The latest installment of George Lucas’ sci-fi epic has gotten mixed reviews, but don’t bet against the force. read »

May 16, 2002
Apple Racks ‘Em Up
Finally, a server that Mac fans can stack high. read »

May 15, 2002
Slide Shows Never Looked So Good
Digital projectors are among the hottest PC peripherals a company can buy. read »

May 14, 2002
Taiwan’s Dry Chips
A severe drought on the island has water-dependent semiconductor makers praying for rain. read »

May 13, 2002
A New Weapon To Fight Spam
Unwanted commercial e-mail messages are piling up. A new software package may help cut it down to size. read »

May 13, 2002
A Home Theater That Adjusts Itself
Bose offers systems that fit themselves to the the acoustics of any room. read »

May 10, 2002
A Silent Desktop PC
In a world of PCs with noisy fans, NEC launches a computer that says, ‘Shhhh!’ read »

May 09, 2002
Burn Faster
Faster connections help speed up PC peripherals like CD burners. read »

May 08, 2002
Where’s The Chip Recovery?
The first quarter was good for the industry; the second quarter won’t be. All hopes are on a second-half rebound. read »

May 07, 2002
Dell’s Diet
Dell rolls out its thinnest notebook ever. But adding a CD-ROM or floppy drive makes it fat again. read »

May 07, 2002
Big Storage, Small Package
Hard drives have gotten huge–meaning there’s now more data to lose in a crash. External drives can help. read »

May 06, 2002
SonicBlue Forced To Spy
Broadcasters suing the maker of ReplayTV have some funny ideas about TV commercials. read »

May 03, 2002
Teen Party In A Box
Panasonic targets teens this summer with a tiny box that plays music, records sound and shoots video. read »

May 03, 2002
CEOs With Big Stakes In Their Companies
Outside shareholders often benefit when the boss owns a big chunk of company stock. read »

May 03, 2002
Printing Serious Photos
Epson’s latest photo printer acts like its own miniature photo lab. read »

May 02, 2002
Filter Out The Noisy World
Headphones are great, but background noise intrudes. Panasonic tries to cut it down. read »

May 01, 2002
Hynix Uses Up Its Last Lifeline
A life-saving deal with Micron was on the table, but Hynix is choosing to starve. read »

Apr 30, 2002
Powerbook Gets Faster, Again
Apple’s latest mobile computer, almost as powerful as its best desktop Macs, works with its best display monitors. read »

Apr 30, 2002
The Little Computer That Can
It’s small like a handheld, but powerful enough for the desktop. read »

Apr 29, 2002
Satellite Radio Rocks
There’s much to like about XM Satellite Radio. Sure, it sounds great, but there’s a lot left to improve. read »

Apr 26, 2002
Wireless PDAs Circa 2007
A great wireless shakeout is coming, fueled in part by the merging of the mobile phone and the PDA. read »

Apr 25, 2002
Toshiba Guns For Palm Users
Pocket PC camp gets an entry-level model with a price that may get the attention of Palm users. read »

Apr 25, 2002
Bluetooth Gets Real
Finally, some real Bluetooth toys to play around with. And we do mean play. read »

Apr 19, 2002

A Friendly PDA Phone
After a long wait, there’s a Pocket PC phone that works on CDMA wireless networks. read »

Apr 11, 2002
Endless Digital Summer
The onset of summer means the rollout of inexpensive digital cameras. read »

Apr 10, 2002
Iomega’s On The Rebound
After a strange misadventure with MP3 players and other oddities, Iomega is once again all about storage. read »

Apr 09, 2002
Saddam’s Oil Fit
Iraq tries to play politics with its oil. Oil markets go crazy, but there’s little to worry about. read »

Apr 08, 2002
A Paperback-Sized Camcorder
Summer is coming. That means vacation–which also means new camcorders. read »

Apr 08, 2002
Motorola Gets A Hip Transplant
The coolest mobile phone of the year comes to North America this summer. For once, it doesn’t come from Finland. read »

Apr 05, 2002
ViewSonic Leaps In The Air
The future PC may not look like a PC anymore. It could look more like the airpanel. Or not. read »

Apr 04, 2002
Sharp’s Zaurus Arrives
The latest entrant in the U.S. handheld computing market is finally here. Geeks rejoice. read »

Apr 03, 2002
The Next Wireless Fad
Teens love wireless phones, but how to get their business? A Seattle startup may have it figured out. read »

Apr 03, 2002
Aiwa’s DVD-VCR Eliminates Clutter
Its new set-top box is two machines in one. read »

Apr 02, 2002
Sony’s Latest Palm Comes Stateside
The latest and most unusual-looking Palm device yet has come to America. read »

Apr 01, 2002

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