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29 June Byte Of The Apple Blog | Verizon To Get iPhone In January 2011
28 June Apple IPhone 4 Parts Cost About $188 | Slide Show
24 June Why the Mac Is Still a Rock Star at Apple | Print
The Pursuit Of Appyness | Print | SF Chronicle
23 June Byte Of The Apple Blog | Motorola’s Sanjay Jha Shares His Own Thoughts On Flash
21 June Byte Of The Apple | Mac’s Future: Death Rumors Greatly Exaggerated
Byte Of The Apple Blog | On Apple’s “Secret” Snow Leopard Security Fix
18 Bloomberg News | Apple Has Trouble Getting Enough IPhone Displays, Analyst Says
17 June Businesses Confront The Cloud Security Threat
Byte Of The Apple Blog | Forrester: Tablets Will Outsell Netbooks By 2012
15 June Byte Of The Apple Blog | Apple Updates Mac Mini
14 June Byte Of The Apple Blog | How The iPad Data Breach Might Yet Get Worse
10 June The Killer iPhone | Print
09 June Samsung Unit to Invest $3.6 Billion to Expand Austin Chip Plant | Bloomberg News

26 May Bloomberg News | Apple’s ITunes Music Service Probed by Justice Department
12 May AMD’s Vision: A Chip for Every Occasion
07 May Texas Instruments’ Investments Are Bearing Fruit
06 May MIT’s Mind-Bending Media Lab | Print
04 May Byte Of The Apple | Why Apple May Include AMD’s Chips in Its Lineup
Bloomberg News | Apple Policy Said to Prompt U.S. Antitrust Complaint by Adobe
03 May Byte Of The Apple Blog | Apple: We’ve Sold A Million iPads
01 May Bloomberg News | Apple to Shut Its Lala Online Music Site This Month in Faceoff With Google


29 April Byte Of The Apple Blog | Steve Jobs Explains Apple-Adobe Conflict in “Thoughts On Flash”
Bloomberg News | Apple’s Jobs Attacks Adobe Flash as Unworthy of IPhone, IPad
Review | Sensuous Sound Machine | Print
28 April Hewlett-Packard Will Acquire Palm for $1.2 Billion
27 April Startup Zong Bets on Mobile Payments
22 April A Wobbly Global Debut For Apple’s iPad | Print
Bloomberg News | Israeli Lawmaker Ilatov Urges Ministry to Reconsider IPad Ban
19 April Foursquare Tries Broadening Its Appeal | Video
Slide Show : Best Young Entrepreneurs, 2010
Apple May Have IPad Screen Shortages Amid Production Challenges
14 April Byte Of The Apple Blog | Apple Delays International Launch of the iPad
12 Book Review | The Power And The Glory | Print
11 April Tech Tools and Tricks That Boost Productivity
07 April Bloomberg News | Apple IPad’s Components May Cost $260, ISuppli Says
Apple iPad Components Cost At Least $259
04 April Apple IPad’s Debut-Weekend Sales May Be Surpassing Estimates
Apple’s IPad Probably Beat Estimates, Signaling Tablet Revival
03 April Byte Of The Apple Blog | iPad Launch Day In New York
iPad Debut Attracts Crowds, Rivaling iPhone Hysteria
02 Byte Of The Apple Blog | ISuppli: Apple Will Sell 7 Million iPads This Year
Woz Talks About The iPad
iPad Coverage Roundup
02 iPad Sales To Being With Some Wanting More
01 April Byte Of The Apple Blog | Thoughts After A Day With The iPad

iPad-related TV appearances

02 April CNN Campbell Brown Show

CNN Campbell Brown Show, iPad Segment, April 2, 2010 from Arik Hesseldahl on Vimeo.

02 April, “Inside Track,” Bloomberg TV

01 April, CNBC’s Power Lunch

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