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16 June Was the hack against the DNC an elaborate anti-Trump attack ad? Let’s talk about that.
14 June Dropbox is now cash-flow positive, so there’s no rush to go public
14 June Zenefits is firing 106 people and offering buyouts to more as it restructures (read the memos)
13 June Google Apps gets an injection of artificial intelligence, with more to come
12 June Here’s who to follow for the best information on the Orlando shooting
12 June What lies ahead in the investigation into the Orlando shooting
12 June Meg Whitman is emerging as the GOP’s most effective anti-Trump voice
Someone 11 June hijacked DeRay Mckesson’s Twitter account in a sneaky and preventable way
Why the NSA and other spies will love the Internet of Things
10 June Slack was down for 90 minutes today, which means people made fun of it on Twitter
10 June Box exec Younger bolts for the COO job at Jeffrey Katzenberg-linked Nova
08 June Hewlett Packard Enterprise and GE are teaming up on the Internet of Things
06 June Dropbox General Counsel Ramsey Homsany is leaving
Resignations at Cisco hint at an internal power struggle for CEO Chuck Robbins
Slack is making new AI bots to help you at work
Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair thinks the U.S. should open its files on UFOs
01 June Cisco is tracking 28 million devices on its IoT network and most of them are cars
Cisco has moved three members of its legendary ‘MPLS team’ to advisory roles
Melinda Gates is going ‘all in’ on contraception in her philanthropy efforts
You’re probably using IBM’s Watson computer and don’t know it

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