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Mobile Computing Made Simple
If the only reason you need a laptop is for typing, why spend a grand or more on a full-fledged PC?
Sep 28, 2001
Toshiba’s Tricked-Out Notebooks
Toshiba builds not one, but two kinds of wireless capability into its latest notebook PCs.
Sep 27, 2001
A Handful Of Toughness
The company that makes laptops you can dropkick tries its hand at handhelds.
Sep 26, 2001
Palm In Play
The handheld-computer firm’s market cap is so low it could be acquired, but who would want it?
Sep 25, 2001
Olympus Courts Beginners
First-time electronics buyers are the market this season. Olympus’ new digital camera is for them.
Sep 25, 2001
A CD Player That Does It All
SonicBlue’s latest Volt CD player looks like a good followup to the first. Is it enough to make a difference?
Sep 24, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Handspring Adds Two Models
Handspring sticks with its tried and true Visor design with its latest devices, but adds a dash of color.
Sep 21, 2001
Mastering Business Disaster
There’s more that goes into planning for the worst than backing up computer data.
Sep 20, 2001
Palm’s Low-End Update
There aren’t many buyers out there, so Palm takes a second try at attracting first-timers.
Sep 20, 2001
Watching You, Watching Me
America wants more security and is hoping that technology is one way to get it.
Sep 19, 2001
Jornada Gets An Upgrade
In a parallel to the PC market, it’s hoped a new Microsoft operating system will cause a surge in handheld sales.
Sep 10, 2001
Finally, The Bottom?
We’ve heard it before | The worst is over for the semiconductors market. But signals are mixed.
Sep 07, 2001
Palm Vs. Merlin
The new battle in the handheld computing market is for business users, and it’s about to get very interesting.
Sep 07, 2001
ReplayTV Is Back
The apparent loser in a battle with TiVo, ReplayTV is back with a new owner and better products.
Sep 06, 2001
One Button To The Net
The phone market may be slow, but phonemakers keep building cool new phones, hoping for a jumpstart.
Sep 05, 2001
Gateway’s Opportunity
Even with more competition from a combined HP and Compaq, this could be an opportunity for Gateway.
Sep 04, 2001
More TVs With Built-In DVD
Philips joins the growing trend of manufacturing TV sets with a DVD player built right in.
Sep 04, 2001
Carrying A Tune With Nokia Phones
Mobile-phone juggernaut preps a hands-free kit for its mobile phones that doubles as MP3 player.
Aug 30, 2001
The Only Eight Gadgets You’ll Need
Here’s our take on the gadgets that 21st-century college students will find useful and fun this fall.
Aug 29, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Another PDA Keyboard
In the quest to avoid learning Graffiti on a Palm device, Fellowes debuts a keyboard-case combo.
Aug 29, 2001
Megahertz Marketing Mayhem
While Intel makes noise about the clock speed of its latest processor, rival AMD wants to change the subject.
Aug 28, 2001
Sony’s Bluetooth Ambitions
Why does a digital video camera need Bluetooth? To browse the Internet, naturally.
Aug 28, 2001
Memory Market Merges
The sad state of the memory chip market is forcing more companies to join forces.
Aug 27, 2001
Sharp Reveals Zaurus Update
The latest PDA on the Japanese market takes video directly from a TV and plays it back.
Aug 27, 2001
Digital-Camera Christmas Coming
The hottest high-tech gift for the holidays is shaping up to be digital cameras of all types.
Aug 24, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Create A Virtual You
A new graphics package lets you create a virtual talking head that looks and sounds just like you.
Aug 23, 2001
Dragged Down By The Chips
Test-equipment makers have been hammered by semiconductors’ freefall. But it’s all up from here.
Aug 22, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Sony Courts High-End Digital Shutterbugs
Despite the bad news in the electronics industry, the digital camera business seems pretty healthy.
Aug 22, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | AMD Speeds Up Notebook Chips
The chip company is still running to catch up to Intel in the gigahertz race for notebook chips.
Aug 21, 2001
Ericsson Bails On Semiconductors Business
Trying to right itself, Ericsson wants to sell its microelectronics division. Great idea, lousy timing.
Aug 20, 2001
Video, Stills And Time-Lapse, Too
Sanyo’s iDshot digital camera can capture two hours of video or 11,000 pictures on one disk.
Aug 20, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | GPS Returns To The Visor
Handheld computers with GPS capability still have a long way to go, but they are improving.
Aug 17, 2001
Palm Moves To Plan Be
An also-ran in the operating-system software business gets new life with the king of handheld computers.
Aug 16, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | A TV That Does It All
This flat-screen TV has a built-in VCR and DVD player. There’s also a VCR-DVD combo without the TV.
Aug 16, 2001
Motorola Cuts Fab Tab
Amid calls for it to abandon the chip business, Motorola says it’s closing two Arizona factories.
Aug 15, 2001
Kodak Does A Digital Trio
Fresh from its victorious argument with Microsoft, Kodak is releasing three new digital cameras.
Aug 15, 2001
Can Anything Save Iomega?
The creator of the Zip disk is flat on its back. With vast restructuring underway, is there much left to save?
Aug 14, 2001
Let your Visor Count Your Steps
If you walk to stay in shape, this Handspring Visor accessory will keep track of your mileage.
Aug 14, 2001
Notebooks That Lose Weight
Sony’s Vaio notebooks have always been thin and light. Its two latest can shed extra ounces when needed.
Aug 13, 2001
Happy Birthday, PC
Twenty years ago today, IBM joined the nascent personal computer business and helped change the world.
Aug 12, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | AOL Updates Netscape Browser
In case you forgot, Netscape’s Web browser is still alive and kicking. Version 6.1 debuted this week.
Aug 10, 2001
Rambus’ Life Beyond Litigation
Known best for its patent lawsuits, Rambus has its eye on developing its technology for new uses.
Aug 09, 2001
AMD Readies For War
Intel’s going to cut prices on its chips. AMD will fight back, as it always has.
Aug 09, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | CDs A-Go-Go
Blaupunkt unveils an in-dash stereo that plays both standard CDs and those burned with MP3s.
Aug 08, 2001
Should Motorola Bag Its Chips?
Cries are getting louder for Motorola to exit the semiconductors business. It won’t happen all at once.
Aug 07, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | A Keyboard For Mobile Phones
Now that mobile phones are for more than just talking, Nextel has a full-sized keyboard that folds up.
Aug 07, 2001

The Visor Becomes A Phone
Arkon Networks’ Parafone turns Handspring’s Visor into a plain old cordless telephone.
Aug 06, 2001
A Chatty Cordless Phone
A cordless phone is a cordless phone, right? Tell that to Siemens. This one talks back.
Aug 03, 2001
The Inevitable Bottom For Chip Stocks
The bottom of the chip market isn’t far off. The rebound to follow will be slight at first.
Aug 02, 2001
Gaming At Its Finest, Circa 1977
Did you lust after Mattel’s electronic football 23 years ago and never get to own one? It’s back.
Aug 02, 2001
Ericsson Phone Combines Bluetooth, GPRS
Ericsson joins the GPRS queue with a new handset–and throws Bluetooth in too.
Aug 01, 2001
Profiting From The Worm
The Code Red worm has infected thousands of servers. Now firms scramble to turn the worm into gold.
Jul 31, 2001
A More Secure Laptop
IBM has refreshed its laptop computer line with wireless connectivity and some added security.
Jul 31, 2001
Cutting The Cord, Slowly
Palm’s making its OS business into a subsidiary–a great first step to taking the unit independent.
Jul 30, 2001
Wireless Arms Dealer
A wounded Motorola wants to sell chips to its mobile-phone rivals.
Jul 30, 2001
ViewSonic Goes Portable With Web Pad
Another company joins the crowd of those offering portable Web-ready devices.
Jul 30, 2001
A Handheld With Gift Of Speech
Ever wish someone would read you the morning paper while you drive to work? Now your handheld PDA can.
Jul 27, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Golf Help From Space
What’s the latest use for the multibillion-dollar Global Positioning System? Help with your golf game.
Jul 26, 2001
Qualcomm Shifts Gears, Again
A year ago it wanted to spin off its chip unit. Two days before reporting earnings, Qualcomm changed its mind.
Jul 25, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Sharp-ening Digital Audio
Though audiophiles still say records sounds better than CDs, Sharp is trying to change that.
Jul 25, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Wearable PCs In Fashion
Xybernaut, Hitachi team up and hope wearable PCs can break into the consumer market.
Jul 20, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Apple Buffs Up The Mac
At the Macworld Expo, hungry fans gather and new products don’t disappoint.
Jul 19, 2001
The Winter Of Handset Discontent
As Nokia and Ericsson get ready to report earnings, both hope frozen mobile-phone sales will thaw.
Jul 18, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Toshiba Does A Pocket PC
Joining a long line of companies hopping on the pocket PC bandwagon, Japan’s Toshiba launches the Genio.
Jul 18, 2001
Boeing Holds Steady Despite Slowdown
The company says it’s on track to deliver 530 commercial aircraft this year. But business has been slowing.
Jul 17, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | JVC’s Big HDTV
If you’re ready to jump on the HDTV bandwagon, you already know you’ll have to pay big bucks for a set.
Jul 17, 2001
A Big Week For Apple Computer
With earnings tomorrow and new products expected, we’ll see this week if Apple’s recovery is real.
Jul 16, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | A Successful Camera’s Successor
Canon’s XL1 digital video camera has enjoyed a strong following. Its follow-up has big shoes to fill.
Jul 16, 2001
Beijing Gets The Gold With Olympic Bid
Despite persistent questions about its human rights record, China’s bid to host the 2008 games wins.
Jul 13, 2001
Beijing Wins 2008 Olympics
Despite questions about its human rights record, China wins its bid to host the games.
Jul 13, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Thumbs Get Busy On the Palm
Love your Palm but hate the Graffiti writing system? A new tiny keyboard lets your thumbs do the typing.
Jul 13, 2001
Rambus’ Star Has Fallen
Its plan to corner the memory chip market is failing, legal bills are piling up. Investors have lost faith.
Jul 12, 2001
Nowhere To Hide For AMD
The bad earnings news is already in for AMD. Expect cautious hope for the rest of 2001, and little else.
Jul 12, 2001
GPS For Land And Sea
GPS is becoming an ever more popular technology for motorists and hikers. The real competition is for boaters.
Jul 12, 2001
How Bad At Motorola?
Investors are already expecting a loss from Motorola. But there’s evidence a turnaround may be starting.
Jul 11, 2001
Searching For The Bottom In Chip Stocks
Korean memory chipmaker Hynix takes the rare step of cutting production to boost prices. Others may follow.
Jul 11, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Mobile Headset Boom Begins
Legislators don’t like people using mobile phones while driving, so a boom in hands-free headsets is certain.
Jul 11, 2001
Compaq To Lay Off 4,000, Meet Expectations
The computer maker sees quarterly revenue of $8.4 billion and earnings per share of 4 cents.
Jul 10, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Netgear Goes Wireless
A small spinoff of Nortel Networks offer a new take on wireless networks for the home.
Jul 10, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | A PDA For The Car
Handheld PDAs may one day play a big part in auto computing. Casio’s latest PDA is made with that in mind.
Jul 09, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Radio For Families
When the family heads out for the backwoods, two-way radios can help everyone stay in touch.
Jul 06, 2001
A Chip In The Money Game
Japan’s Hitachi has a chip so tiny it can be embedded into paper. Could smarter currency be far behind?
Jul 03, 2001
Comm-Chip Meltdown
Chip companies were flying high last year. Now they’re learning firsthand how difficult the market can be.
Jul 03, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Hoping For A PC Sales Surge
Intel’s latest, fastest chip comes to market quietly, but an even faster one is only months away.
Jul 03, 2001
Ten O’Clock Tech | Record TV to DVD
One day DVD discs will completely replace videotapes for home entertainment recording–but not yet.
Jul 02, 2001

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