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Nokia Goes 3G
Finland’s mobile-phone giant shows its first 3G phone. Too bad there’s no place to sell it yet.

Sep 30, 2002
The First Rich List
Forbes compiled its first ranking of America’s richest way back in 1918.

Sep 27, 2002
Satellite Radio Goes Mobile
Now you can tune in to satellite radio anywhere you might turn on a regular one.

Sep 27, 2002
The Handheld War Heats Up
Lawsuits are flying and new alliances emerging in the suddenly chaotic handheld computing market.

Sep 26, 2002
A Mobile Phone That Quiets Easily
Mobile-phone manners are made easier on a new handset model from Hitachi.

Sep 26, 2002
A Notebook That Can Take A Punch
Panasonic’s new Toughbook combines high-tech components and a casing that can withstand the worst.

Sep 25, 2002
A Busy Fall For Palm
Palm is gearing up for a busy season of new devices and hopes for a lot of new users.

Sep 24, 2002
The Ever-Shrinking Digital Camera
Without sacrificing picture quality, digital cameras are getting smaller–and better–all the time.

Sep 23, 2002
Ellison Leaves Apple’s Board
The Oracle CEO says he no longer has the time to be a good director. He’s probably bored.

Sep 20, 2002
Writing, Hand To PC
Bridging the gap between the pen and the PC continues to occupy technology companies.

Sep 20, 2002
Sun Shines On Desktops
Microsoft owns the corporate desktop. So why is Sun Microsystems going after that market?

Sep 19, 2002
Typing On The Table
A startup called Canesta has developed a virtual keyboard for PDAs and mobile phones.

Sep 18, 2002
Rio, Redesigned
SonicBlue refreshes its line of digital music players with new looks.

Sep 17, 2002
Laptop Gymnastics
Laptop computers are no good for sharing. This one is built for two.

Sep 16, 2002
Smarter Blankets To Keep You Cozy
Winter is coming. Bedding that adapts to your body temperature could help you stay warm.

Sep 13, 2002
Saving Dying Data
Old computer data are disappearing every day. It’s not too late to save yours.

Sep 12, 2002
Minolta Improves Its High End
Digital cameras aimed at professionals keep getting better. Advanced consumers can benefit too.

Sep 12, 2002

Get The News, Now
Internet news alerts have grown in popularity since Sept. 11. We’ve tried most of them.

Sep 11, 2002
Silicon Shrinkage
Rivals try to steal Intel’s PR thunder this week. As usual, everyone’s transistors are getting smaller.

Sep 10, 2002
Cordless Keyboard With Looks
PC keyboards are still ugly and tethered by a cord that’s too short. Logitech changes that.

Sep 10, 2002
Intel, SonicBlue Make Video Personal
Recorded TV shows will be able to travel with you, using a portable device coming to market next year.

Sep 09, 2002
Technology Past Its Prime
If you think your trusty old VCR is getting long in the tooth, it is. And it’s not alone.

Sep 09, 2002
A Truce In The Format War
A battle over recordable DVD formats has stalled innovation. Sony is playing both side of the fence.

Sep 09, 2002
Say Cheese, Buy Our Phones Please
Nokia uses a mobile phone with a digital camera to entice buyers. They may not care.

Sep 06, 2002
Blurring Photography’s Lines
The lines between digital and film cameras are blurring ever so slightly. Could they one day be combined?

Sep 05, 2002
Computing On The Cheap
Think $600 is still too much to pay for a low-end desktop PC? How does $200 sound?

Sep 04, 2002
PCs Go Hollywood
Desperate for holiday sales, PC manufacturers try entertainment-heavy machines.

Sep 03, 2002
Sony-Ericsson Venture In Jeopardy
Ericsson CEO Hellstrom threatens to bail out if handset sales don’t pick up. He might’ve made it worse

Aug 30, 2002
Cutting Clutter Around The TV
This DVD player does enough that it may convince you to ditch that old VCR for good.

Aug 30, 2002
A Notebook That Looks After Its Battery
Sick of always having to monitor your notebook’s battery level? IBM’s latest Thinkpad does that for you.

Aug 29, 2002
Online Gaming Faces Uphill Battle
Videogame manufacturers are crazy for online play–but gamers probably aren’t.

Aug 28, 2002
Dogs With Phone Numbers
It could only happen in Finland. Now there’s a mobile phone for dogs.

Aug 28, 2002
Intel Edges Ahead In Chip Challenge
The lead in the never-ending race to build the fastest PC microprocessor ever changes hands again.

Aug 27, 2002
Oil Cheating For Fun And Profit
Don’t worry about how producers will react to an Iraq invasion. They’ll fudge, as usual.

Aug 26, 2002
Apple’s Jaguar Unleashed
The computer company lets loose its first major upgrade for OS X–and it has teeth.

Aug 26, 2002
A Flat-Panel Christmas
After rising for a while, flat-panel monitor prices are plummeting again.

Aug 23, 2002
Chip Slump Likely To Persist
July capital-equipment sales numbers are fraying hopes for a semiconductor industry recovery this year.

Aug 22, 2002
Digital Media Mogul
Digital cameras and other devices use a confusing array of storage media. Now one drive saves it all.

Aug 22, 2002
Hynix Restructures, Again
Yet another plan to save the troubled chipmaker, which threw away its best chance at survival months ago.

Aug 21, 2002
Fast Food Eats And Runs
An oil company and tollbooth technology might help you get your burger quicker.

Aug 21, 2002
AMD Celebrates A Birthday
AMD’s Athlon line of chips is three years old today. It’s celebrating by releasing a new one.

Aug 21, 2002
A Double-Dip In Chips?
Slow economic growth and continued oversupply may push the semiconductor industry toward a painful double-dip.

Aug 20, 2002
Smile, The Videophone’s Ringing
Videophones never took off with consumers. Maybe the Beamer will change that.

Aug 20, 2002
Protecting Lost Laptops
Researchers in Michigan have dreamed up a method for keeping secrets on stolen or lost computers.

Aug 19, 2002
Iomega Gets Its Zip Back
The surprise PC peripheral hit of 1996 is back with more capacity and the same convenience.

Aug 16, 2002
Virtual Voices Of The Stars
Computer software may soon work wonders for celebrity voices, both alive and dead.

Aug 14, 2002
Stretching Silicon’s Limits
Intel isn’t the only company that can speed up a chip by stretching it.

Aug 13, 2002
Apple Does Duets
Apple’s long-awaited update to its PowerMac line of computers puts two chips in every box.

Aug 13, 2002
PCs Go Green
NEC builds a PC that even a landfill could love.

Aug 09, 2002
Will Apple Put Intel Inside?
Rumors are buzzing that Apple computers may one day be stamped “Intel Inside.” It won’t happen.

Aug 09, 2002
Hackers Attack, No One Notices
Someone apparently tried to slow down the Internet today. Whoever it was failed.

Aug 06, 2002
Radio’s Smarter Future
The company developing the next generation of radio takes a hint from TiVo.

Aug 06, 2002
VC Funding Fuels Chip Rebound Hopes
With chip stocks in the dumps, at least funding for the current crop of startups offers a glimmer of hope.

Aug 05, 2002
Stopping The Barbarians At The Gate
Internet security companies have been doing a better job at thwarting hackers than satisfying shareholders.

Aug 05, 2002
New Storage For Digital Cameras
Fujifilm and Olympus launch a new storage card aimed at digital cameras.

Aug 02, 2002
Hardships Are Driving Chip Rivals Together
The grim state of the industry and the rising costs of doing business are creating some curious bedfellows.

Aug 02, 2002
Microsoft Says Hello
The latest pairing of a PDA with a wireless phone looks great, but has a few design flaws.

Aug 01, 2002
GPS Navigates To Pocket PC
With the GPS system, there little excuse for getting lost. Pharos gets Pocket PCs in on the action.

Jul 31, 2002
Kopin Shines Its Tiny Light
A sector of the semiconductor industry devoted to producing sources of light is about to get a new entrant.

Jul 29, 2002
It’s Buyback Time Again
The turmoil on Wall Street is prompting companies to get their share prices under control.

Jul 25, 2002
European IMs Get Sound, Light
While Americans struggle with text, a new messaging standard now sends audio and video as well.

Jul 24, 2002
IM Tries To Leave The Desktop
There several ways of doing instant messaging on wireless devices. But Americans don’t seem interested.

Jul 24, 2002
Apple’s IPod Does Windows
Apple needs a spike in sales. Making a new version of its popular music player to entice Windows users should help.

Jul 22, 2002
Apple Goes Soft
There’s little new hardware at Macworld, but that’s probably a good thing: No one’s buying anyway.

Jul 17, 2002
The 64-Bit Question
Chipmakers Intel and AMD will soon trumpet 64-bit computing, but their approaches couldn’t be more different.

Jul 08, 2002
A Better Xbox Picture
RCA seeks to make videogaming images better with a new line of TV sets.

Jul 01, 2002
The Next Blackberry
Research In Motion outlines plans for upcoming revisions to its handheld wireless devices.

Jun 28, 2002
A Palm That Isn’t A Handheld
It’s too big to fit in a hand, but this laptop takes inspiration from the world of handheld computing.

Jun 25, 2002
A PDA Phone With A History
The latest mobile phone to include a Palm device takes a new approach. It actually looks like a phone.

Jun 24, 2002
Silicon Subpoenas
Memory chip prices have hardly been lucrative. Now the U.S. seems to be asking why they’re not lower.

Jun 19, 2002
Pint-Sized Notebook Power
Computing performance is great on a notebook, but inconsequential if the battery doesn’t last.

Jun 18, 2002
Wireless From Day One
Toshiba’s latest Pocket PC does wireless networking out of the box.

Jun 17, 2002
The Next Lightbulb
Edison’s incandescent lamp hasn’t evolved much in the last 123 years. A chip company aims to change that.

Jun 17, 2002
A Hands-On Display
Screens that accept input from a pen are getting bigger.

Jun 11, 2002
EarthLink Hunts Customers
Its dial-up business isn’t growing, so it’s buying customers wherever they can be found, including PeoplePC.

Jun 10, 2002
Palm’s Much-Needed Upgrade
Palm delivers the latest operating system. With luck, that means cool new handhelds aren’t far behind.

Jun 10, 2002
Canon Courts Beginners
A lot of digital cameras will be available for beginners this summer, including the PowerShot A200.

Jun 07, 2002
Apple’s EMac Flip-Flop
First it was only for school. Now everyone can buy one.

Jun 05, 2002
Turn A Table Into A Speaker
Put any handy flat surface to work at your next party. Make it a stereo speaker.

Jun 04, 2002
Wireless Evolution
After 25 years of commercial use, we take a walk down the memory lane of cellular phones.

Jun 03, 2002
Capturing Images, Catching Eyes
Picking a digital camera isn’t always about image quality. It’s also a fashion show.

Jun 03, 2002
HP, Transmeta Team Up On Tablet PCs
The tablet PC craze is coming soon, and Hewlett-Packard will be among the first out of the gate.

Jun 03, 2002

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