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21 Dec. Electronic News | Tut Launches High-Speed Net Access for Apartments
Electronic News | Sun, Matsushita Eye Consumer-Use Java
16 Dec. Wired News | The Not-So-Happy Hacker | PDF
14 Dec. Electronic News | Sun Dreams Of Jini, Debuts New System
Electronic News | Reaching The Future Workforce
07 Dec. Electronic News | Profit Margins Still Under Attack

30 Nov. Electronic News | Sun, AOL Set Sights On Internet Devices
23 Nov. Electronic News | Vivid Wins $15M In Private Funds
16 Nov. Electronic News | Smart Cards Not Dead in U.S….Yet

26 Oct. Wired News | Uncle Sam Wants Spooks | PDF | This story was cited in “Body of Secrets” a book on the National Security Agency by James Bamford first published in 2001.

07 Oct. Wired News | UPS Fights Post Office On Crypto
Wired News | Net Tax Bill Inches Forward
Wired News | Adult Sites’ Tax Breaks Curbed
02 Oct. Wired News | Net Tax Decision Delayed
01 Oct. Wired News | Congressional Countdown

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