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Gaming On A PDA
If handhelds are all about productivity, why are there so many games for them?
Dec 27, 2001
Russian Oil Roulette
The former Soviet Union says it will cut oil production, but the signals it’s sending indicate otherwise.
Dec 26, 2001
Micron In DRAM Driver’s Seat
With its surprise deal for Toshiba’s chip factory, Micron has shaken the memory chip industry to its very core.
Dec 21, 2001
SonicBlue’s Super CD Player
It connects to stereo systems, home networks and the Internet. And it’s a CD player too.
Dec 21, 2001
Time For Change At Motorola
Massive layoffs and new strategies have failed to revive Motorola. Is an exit from the chip business on deck?
Dec 19, 2001
Cutting The Cord
Better technology, falling prices mean wireless networks will see wider acceptance in the next year.
Dec 19, 2001
Talk To The Remote Control
The next evolutionary step for TV remotes is voice control.
Dec 17, 2001
Must-Haves For The Busy Exec
Here are 25 fun gift ideas that help the busy professional work efficiently and be more productive.
Dec 14, 2001
For After-Work Leisure
Busy people need to take breaks, too. Here are five ideas for gifts that enhance life outside the office.
Dec 14, 2001
Bridging The Palm/PC Gap
Review | Documents to Go from Dataviz opens up a whole new world for users of Palm devices.
Dec 14, 2001
Five Digital Cameras
Digital camera suggestions for beginners and experts alike.
Dec 13, 2001
Death Of The Pager?
Motorola says it will no longer make its traditional pagers. But it’s not the end of the pager age.
Dec 13, 2001
Transmeta Revenue Shrinking
With good technology but miniscule revenue, Transmeta is a potential takeover target.
Dec 12, 2001
Five Handhelds
Handheld-computer gift suggestions for the busy capitalist in your life.
Dec 12, 2001
Fingerprints Replacing Passwords
The latest laptop from MicronPC includes a fingerprint scanner that guards against unauthorized access.
Dec 12, 2001
Five Laptops
Laptop computer gift suggestions for the busy capitalist in your life.
Dec 11, 2001
The Ever-Shrinking MP3 Player
Digital music players keep getting smaller. The MPIO-DMK is among the smallest.
Dec 11, 2001
Five Wireless Phones
Mobile phone gift suggestions for the busy capitalist in your life.
Dec 10, 2001
Zaurus Nearing U.S. Launch
Sharp about to bring its PDA to U.S. market; an alternative to duopoly of the Palm and Pocket PC.
Dec 10, 2001
Wireless Networking Invades The Home
Connecting existing PCs via wireless networks is rapidly becoming a multibillion-dollar business.
Dec 10, 2001
Chip Sales On The Upswing
Chip sales are turning around again, but there will be a couple of bumpy quarters before recovery.
Dec 07, 2001
IPod’s A Winner
So it’s not perfect. It’s still great. And it could get better.
Dec 07, 2001
A Digital Double Take
A new MP3 player has nearly the same name as a forthcoming PDA, but no one should confuse them.
Dec 06, 2001
The Insiders
Synopsys’ acquisition of Avant! could put to rest one of Silicon Valley’s most intriguing scandals.
Dec 05, 2001
Segway’s Boring. Bring On The Hovercraft
The new Segway scooter’s OK. But why roll around on wheels when you can hover?
Dec 05, 2001
A Clock That Tells More Than Time
This clock can help you decide whether or not to play hooky.
Dec 04, 2001
Micron And Hynix Won’t Merge
They may try, but antitrust regulators have little to like about a massive memory-chip merger.
Dec 03, 2001
The Return Of Iridium
Iridium was a $5B flop. But the satellite phone system has new management, is serious about profit.
Nov 30, 2001
ReplayTV Ships, Despite Lawsuits
SonicBlue is shipping its commercial-zapping ReplayTV recorder–broadcasters’ lawsuits be damned.
Nov 29, 2001
FedEx, UPS Hitch Up The Sleigh
The delivery services say they’ll meet holiday demand. Wall Street hopes they’re right.
Nov 28, 2001
PDA Camera More Than A Toy
Digital cameras for the PDA seemed a novelty. Now Targus launches one aimed at mobile professionals.
Nov 28, 2001

A PDA For Professionals
As the battle for business-class PDAs shapes up, NEC unveils a Pocket PC aimed squarely at that market.
Nov 27, 2001
Search For The Ultimate Wireless Device
Combining a phone, PDA and e-mail device into one isn’t easy. But there are many out there trying.
Nov 26, 2001
Maxtor Drives Hard
Five years ago, it was an industry laggard. Now it leads the PC hard drive market.
Nov 21, 2001
Looking For Life In Mobile Phone Sales
The market for mobile handsets is still on the wane, but Nokia is trying to give it new life.
Nov 21, 2001
Cashing In On Harry Potter’s Magic
The Harry Potter merchandising onslaught is under way. Several firms are hoping for some financial alchemy.
Nov 21, 2001
Security Cams You Won’t Find In Pop-Up Ads
The terrorist attacks have forced many to think about security cameras for homes and businesses.
Nov 20, 2001
Air Typing Into A PDA
Soon, typing on a PDA won’t require an actual keyboard, only a virtual one.
Nov 19, 2001
Xbox Success? Not So Fast
But the joy of being Microsoft is that it can wait as long as it takes.
Nov 16, 2001
Next On Xbox
Your kids probably want an Xbox for Christmas. Here’s a few of the games they’ll be asking for.
Nov 16, 2001
Lowering The Language Barrier
A small electronic unit translating spoken phrases into many languages offers travellers hope.
Nov 15, 2001
Comdex Takes A Breather
With a gloomy economy sapping enthusiasm, many firms at Comdex are happy saying “wait til next year.”
Nov 14, 2001
Ink And Bits Combined
After millenia of dominating written communication, pen-and-paper may be due for an upgrade.
Nov 14, 2001
Satellite Radio Gets Off The Ground
One satellite broadcaster is showing promise, while another stalls. Sony launches a satellite-capable radio.
Nov 13, 2001
Could A Tablet Cure Lagging PC Sales?
At the Comdex trade show, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates put his marketing might behind the tablet PC.
Nov 12, 2001
Burning Different DVDs
Recordable DVDs have sold slowly, thanks to competing tech. Will Panasonic’s new burner sort it out?
Nov 12, 2001
Cutting Corners On IT Spending
Lots of high-end equipment comes up in auctions and liquidations, but be careful whom you buy from.
Nov 09, 2001
A Partner For Your PDA
Watchmaker Fossil thinks your handheld computer is lonely and needs a friend.
Nov 09, 2001
Yankowski’s Out At Palm
Palm’s CEO leaves behind a company full of questions.
Nov 08, 2001
Bigger, Quieter Hard Drives
IBM’s latest hard drive technology, dubbed Pixie Dust, may sound magical, but its results are very real.
Nov 08, 2001
Hynix On Life Support
Weighed down by debt, losses and a shredded chip market, Hynix has little else to do but die.
Nov 07, 2001
TDK Revises Bluetooth For Palm
Companies making Bluetooth products are trying to prove the technology is more than hype.
Nov 07, 2001
A Music Player You Can Talk To
Finally–an MP3 player that lets you simply tell it what song you want it to play.
Nov 06, 2001
Political Changes Coming To China
Pay attention to China’s vice president, Hu Jintao, who is expected to be president by 2003.
Nov 01, 2001
Stay Connected From The High Seas
The satellite phone business had a bad reputation, but there are a few firms making a go of it.
Oct 29, 2001
The War Over IM
Windows XP’s launch will bring a confrontation between Microsoft, AOL and others over instant messaging.
Oct 26, 2001
The Everything PC
What can you pack into a PC these days? Just try to figure out what Sony left out.
Oct 26, 2001
XP | Is That Your Final Answer?
If Windows XP is intended to be the one great hope for the PC market, not many have much faith.
Oct 25, 2001
Singing Along With XP
Electronics manufacturers join digital music enthusiasts in the XP chorus.
Oct 25, 2001
Semiconductor Recovery Still On Track
Amazingly enough, chip makers may still see an improvement late next year.
Oct 24, 2001
Cutting The Web Cam Cord
Web cams and video chat may be old news, but low-end digital cams that make them happen are getting better.
Oct 22, 2001
Lessons Learned
What can investors in blue-chip tech companies learn from last week’s spate of earnings announcements?
Oct 22, 2001
E-Mail For Palm V
Motient debuts an addition for the Palm V that gives you always-on wireless e-mail.
Oct 19, 2001
Apple Shines
In a lousy computer market, Apple turns in good news, remaining cautious about the quarter to come.
Oct 18, 2001
Apple Speeds Up The Powerbook
Apple’s professional laptop gets a performance boost just one day before the company’s earnings announcement.
Oct 17, 2001
The Mail Economy
If the mail system slows down because of anthrax, it may mean bad news for a strong part of the economy.
Oct 17, 2001
Handspring Gets Serious About Wireless
Handspring launches the coolest Palm OS device in months.
Oct 16, 2001
Transmeta Tries To Transform Chips
The struggling firm is betting that its system on a single chip will be a success on handheld devices.
Oct 15, 2001
Magellan’s GPS Finds Its Way–And Yours
The company’s line of handheld GPS receivers have a new corporate parent and an impressive new look.
Oct 15, 2001
Tiny In All But Price
Everything’s small about Panasonic’s latest MP3 player, except its price tag.
Oct 12, 2001
Eyeing The Display Market
Check out the microdisplay market for up-and-coming companies in which to invest.
Oct 11, 2001
Tuning In To Freedom
Radio is playing a big role in the military operations over Afghanistan.
Oct 11, 2001
Silicon Confusion
For PC microprocessors, megahertz used to be everything. Now AMD says it’s only a part.
Oct 10, 2001
Odd Name, Unique Product
The O2 xda, a PDA/phone combo coming to European markets, has heads turning even before it goes on sale.
Oct 09, 2001
Arms And The Weapons Maker
Shares of defense contractors rose, but demand for their products is light so far.
Oct 08, 2001
Compaq Updates Its Popular Handheld
The first iPaq was so popular it was almost impossible to find. Now Compaq’s updating the product.
Oct 08, 2001
AMD Wounded By Price War
It’s never easy fighting Intel. AMD’s learning again just how tough it is.
Oct 05, 2001
Toshiba’s Handheld Comes To America
Already playing in Japan’s handheld market, Toshiba attacks the corporate handheld market in the U.S.
Oct 04, 2001
Battered Motorola Ready For A Turnaround
The handset maker’s shares have fallen 25% this year. But it’s due for a turnaround.
Oct 04, 2001
Dreaming Of 3G
Despite the hype, the reality of 3G wireless is little more than neat ideas about the possible handsets.
Oct 03, 2001
An Eye For Security
There are many ways to use the human body as a replacement for keys or passwords.
Oct 03, 2001
After The Attacks, New Attention On GPS
Reports that hijackers used Global Positioning System devices raise questions about why it’s so freely available.
Oct 02, 2001
Laser Printing Made Affordable
The market for inexpensive laser printers is far from dead, and Hewlett-Packard is still in it.
Oct 02, 2001
Where The Rich Live
Our interactive maps show how the demographics of wealth have shifted, with stats on each state’s Forbes 400 members.
Oct 01, 2001
A Phone That Knows Where You Are
Samsung and Sprint are debuting a phone that can help authorities find you when you need it most.
Oct 01, 2001

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