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Yahoo! Buys Inktomi For $235 Million
Fearful of Google’s growing ambitions, Yahoo! grabs Inktomi to boost its search capabilities.

Dec 23, 2002
The Chips Are Down
Dec 23, 2002
A Double Dose Of Wi-Fi
New laptops are starting to combine two types of wireless networking capabilities into one.

Dec 20, 2002
Videogames Of The Past Come Back
If 20 Christmases ago you were denied an Atari videogame system, now’s your chance.

Dec 19, 2002
Entertaining Home Networks
Networking is the big theme for next year’s consumer electronics. Expect to find connections in odd places.

Dec 18, 2002
The Digital Go-Anywhere Camera
Around the holidays, it helps to have a camera close by. This digital camera is the size of a credit card.

Dec 17, 2002
A Close Eye On The Weather
Holiday travel plans often require close attention to the weather. Free software for your PC can help.

Dec 16, 2002
Integrating Wireless And Broadband
Toshiba combines a cable modem and wireless networking router in one.

Dec 13, 2002
Anti-Spam Countermeasures
Got too much spam? Try a disposable e-mail address that can evaporate on contact with unwanted messages.

Dec 12, 2002
Bluetooth Gets Wheels
Audi wants to put Bluetooth in its cars. It may be just what the vehicles need.

Dec 11, 2002
Burn, Blazing Fast
Why is saving data to a CD referred to as “burning” when it’s so slow? New drives are speeding it up.

Dec 10, 2002
LaCie Rolls Out The Big Disk
Digital video camcorders have an insatiable hunger for hard drive space. LaCie offers a hearty meal.

Dec 09, 2002
Feds Look For Data On Saudi In Ptech Raid
When they raided a software firm, federal agents were said to be looking for information about one man.

Dec 06, 2002
Can Lightning Strike Twice?
Martin Cooper revolutionized the wireless industry by inventing the handheld mobile phone. He’s out to do it again.

Dec 06, 2002
Time And Money Together
Timex and ExxonMobil team up on watches that can pay for gas and Big Macs.

Dec 05, 2002
Nextel’s Blackberry Hits The Market
The latest Blackberry device supports every wireless communications method that most people could want.

Dec 04, 2002
In Search Of The Digital Instamatic
What the digital camera industry needs is the equivalent of the Kodak Instamatic. It may not be far off.

Dec 03, 2002
Christmas Will Be Flat
Once again prices on flat-panel displays are falling, just in time for the holidays.

Dec 02, 2002
Home Theaters Get Inexpensive
Reasonably priced home theater systems are expected to be popular this holiday season.

Nov 27, 2002
FedEx Has A New Gadget
The delivery giant sets a new tracking system–and ambitious daily delivery goals.

Nov 26, 2002
A Tough Laptop Catches Up On Performance
Laptops able to take abuse have generally lagged on performance and features. This one narrows the gap.

Nov 26, 2002
Nokia Takes It To The Edge
There’s a new wireless technology to keep track of, and Nokia has the first phone that supports it.

Nov 25, 2002
Watching The Weather
If the TV weather forecasters routinely miss your area, now it’s easier than ever to forecast your own.

Nov 22, 2002
The Lightest Tablet PC Yet
They’re intended to be as portable as a pad of paper, yet most tablet PCs are still too heavy.

Nov 21, 2002
Ditch The PC Desk
Sick of your desk or cubicle? Try a “personal computing environment” and surround yourself with comfort.

Nov 20, 2002
The Day The Chips Bounce Back
National Semiconductor’s CEO has named the day that the chip market will start its recovery.

Nov 20, 2002
AMD Stands Tough
It’s been a rough go for AMD, but the chipmaker keeps bouncing back with new contracts, so far.

Nov 19, 2002
A Bold Prediction For Chip Recovery
Brian Halla of National Semiconductor says he knows the very day the chip industry will recover.

Nov 19, 2002
Nextel Does Blackberry
Carrying both a Nextel phone and a Blackberry? You’ll soon be able to combine the devices into one.

Nov 19, 2002
A Palm That Fits On The Wrist
Watchmaker Fossil takes another try at building a PDA you wear like a watch.

Nov 18, 2002
Amid Gloom, Gates Envisions Another Boom
The tech industry is so gloomy that even Comdex seems downright dour. Bill Gates tries to liven it up.

Nov 18, 2002
Iomega Does Key Chain Drives
Carrying a few hundred megabytes on a key chain is about to get easier.

Nov 15, 2002
HP Defends Its Handheld Turf
Handheld vendors worry that Dell will take over the market. Hewlett-Packard won’t let it go without a fight.

Nov 14, 2002
AMD Lightens Its Load
Cuts are coming at AMD, and a breakeven point may be in sight. But can it stay afloat?

Nov 13, 2002
Zaurus Returns
As a market battle looms in the handheld market, Sharp Electronics again plays the role of dark horse.

Nov 13, 2002
Spanning The World With Wireless Data
Changing continents often no longer means you have to stay out of touch with e-mail.

Nov 12, 2002
Better Luggage Through Bluetooth
Samsonite envisions giving attache cases brains with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Nov 11, 2002
Keeping Tabs On The Tablet PC
The Tablet PC is fun to play with, but not to work with.

Nov 08, 2002
Royalties In Motion
The Canadian firm’s lawyers have gotten the company a piece of Palm’s action.

Nov 07, 2002
Dell’s Handheld Plans Revealed
The handheld computing business will be very different next year. Dell computer has a lot to do with it.

Nov 07, 2002
Fresh Apple Notebooks
Apple’s iBook notebook computer get a speed boost while the PowerBook gets a DVD burner.

Nov 06, 2002
Text Messaging Gives Birth To New Phones
The fad of combining text messaging with mobile phones is spawning some interesting devices.

Nov 05, 2002
The Shape Of Pocket PCs To Come
Handheld vendors are gearing up for battle. One side’s plans are already apparent.

Nov 04, 2002
Doing TV On The PC
PC makers sell expensive hardware so you can to watch TV on your PC. Cheap software does it better.

Nov 01, 2002
The Days Of Wi-Fi Scanning Are Numbered
New security guidelines from the Wi-Fi Alliance could put a stop to riding the wireless networks for free.

Oct 31, 2002
Stereo Speakers For Every Purpose
TVs, DVD players, videogame systems and PCs all share a need for serious sound. Logitech ties them together.

Oct 31, 2002
Bridging The IM Divide
AOL says its AIM software will finally talk with its other instant messaging program, ICQ.

Oct 30, 2002
Small Notebook, Big Features
Fujitsu adds a faster chip and faster connections to its Lifebook line of notebook PCs.

Oct 29, 2002
Palm’s Tungsten Twosome
Palm unwraps its two high-end devices just in time for a serious fight in the handheld business.

Oct 28, 2002
The Battery In The Sky
Decades ago, solar power was supposed to solve the energy crisis. Now at least it can charge a mobile phone.

Oct 25, 2002
CEO Full Count: Craig R. Barrett
After a slight recovery in its core PC business, Intel’s new Itanium 2 chip must be a home run for CEO Barrett.

Oct 24, 2002
Blasting On The Xbox
The zombies are coming to get you. Don’t just sit there, blast ’em!

Oct 24, 2002
Tracking Kids, Calming Parents
Nervous when your kids head off to school? Keep an eye on them with a little help from GPS.

Oct 23, 2002
Will Dell Hand It To Handheld Makers?
The margin killer is thinking small, which could mean big trouble for Palm, Handspring and HP.

Oct 22, 2002
RECALL: Portable DVD Burning
Sony releases a DVD burner that goes where you go and plays CDs too.

Oct 22, 2002
Blackberry Goes Global
The popular wireless device can now travel the world and act more like a phone.

Oct 21, 2002
Making Memory Smarter
Computer memory chips are pretty dumb. Micron wants to give them brains.

Oct 17, 2002
Intel Chip Secures Networks
By putting security features on a networking chip, it causes other security chipmakers to rethink.

Oct 16, 2002
IBM Remains Coy About Apple Chip
It’s dropping hints that clearly point in the direction of Cupertino. Could Steve Jobs please confirm?

Oct 16, 2002
Intel Loves Low-Power Chips
Known for high-performance power hogs, it will reveal plans for a chip that saves notebook battery life.

Oct 15, 2002
Apple Fans Await IBM Chip
Details of a new chip coming from IBM have Apple’s devotees buzzing about the future of their beloved Mac.

Oct 14, 2002
Pictures To Go With Sound
Digital sound recorders are slowly replacing tape recorders. This one takes pictures too.

Oct 14, 2002
SonicBlue Comes Out Swinging
A lawsuit from major media companies may be the best thing that ever happened to ReplayTV sales.

Oct 11, 2002
One-Touch Data Salvation
How bad would it be to lose the contents of your hard drive? Care to back it up?

Oct 11, 2002
A Monster Of A Laptop
Most laptops are intended to be small and light. One of Toshiba’s latest goes in the other direction.

Oct 10, 2002
Untangling Mobile-Phone Headsets
Mobile-phone headset laws are spreading across the country. Bluetooth technology helps untangle the mess.

Oct 09, 2002
54 Megabits And Nothing On
The only reason that the vast majority of Americans will network their homes is for better entertainment.

Oct 09, 2002
Vaio Tries A New Look
It looks like nothing else on the PC market. At least it has that going for it.

Oct 08, 2002
Crazy For A Connected Kitchen?
Tech companies want the Internet to invade the kitchen. Too bad their ideas stink.

Oct 08, 2002
Palm Goes Low
Seeking a return to the glory days of high-volume sales, Palm cuts the price of its new Zire handheld.

Oct 07, 2002
Home Networking’s New Push
There’s a new effort under way to sell you a smart home. Chances are you don’t want it–yet.

Oct 07, 2002
Dock Lockouts Spook Electronics Manufacturers
Most technology products come through the closed West Coast ports; $22B in sales is at stake.

Oct 04, 2002
Keychain Drives Get Better
The often imitated keychain flash memory drive is getting better on many fronts.

Oct 04, 2002
T-Mobile Plays With Danger
A wireless-device startup has built what may be the sleeper hit of the year for the wireless industry.

Oct 03, 2002
AMD’s Holiday Buzz
AMD’s latest Athlon chip is faster than any Athlon before it. Too bad it won’t be available until November.

Oct 02, 2002
Infamous Hacker’s Laptop Up For Auction
Kevin Mitnick, who served five years in federal prison for computer crime, is selling his laptop on eBay.

Oct 01, 2002
Making Radio Smarter
Motorola intends to make consumer radio smarter, but leaves existing signals unchanged.

Oct 01, 2002

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