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Here’s some highlights of radio and podcast appearances from over the years. The most recent ones are generally from NPR’s Here and Now, which produces a regular segment in cooperation with Recode.


17 May What Warren Buffett’s $1 Billion Apple Investment Says About Tech
(Also a chat about doughnuts in Portland, Oregon.)

03 March How Strong Is Apple’s iPhone Encryption? Not Strong Enough, Apparently

Recode / Decode Podcast
14 March
“You Can Be Hacked From Anywhere:” An interview with Tanium CEO Orion Hindawi


11 Nov. Encrypted Messaging And The Line Between Security And Privacy

15 Sept. Carly Fiorina’s Business Record Before HP

09 Sept. 2016 Candidates Get Big Donations From The Tech Industry

03 March IBM Bets $3 Billion On ‘Internet Of Things’


15 Dec. Sony Puts News Groups On Legal Notice To Destroy Hacked Data

02 Dec. North Korea’s Cyberwar Army

BBC Radio Four
02 Sept. Celebrity photos leaked in wake of iCloud hack



KCBS Newsradio
22 April Apple and Google and the data they collect

NPR’s Morning Edition
09 Aug. Hewlett-Packard Searches For New CEO

NPR’s All Things Considered
26 Aug. Google’s Calling Service Challenges Skype


01 May BusinessWeek Covercast
The Mac in the Grey Flannel Suit

Marketplace from PRI
15 Jan. Apple adds ‘Air’ to its product line


Marketplace from PRI
29 Dec. Steve Jobs cleared in stock backdating matter

The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC
~23 Sept. HP Chairwoman Patricia Dunn Resigns

Soundcheck from WNYC
30 June Implications of Grokster Supreme Court Ruling


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